Ride Booking Sources:

  • Corporate Accounts – Hospitals, Residential Facilities, Non-Profits: Tootl’s revenue stream is diversified through bookings made directly by organizations committed to getting their patients, members and residents where they need to be.
  • Private Pay – Passenger, Family Member or Caregiver:  Scheduling a ride with Tootl is easy and can be done by placing a call, visiting our website or using your mobile device. Once an account is set up, all your trip information, ride history, and any pertinent passenger information is stored for future use and convenience.

Fees Calculation:

The fees for rides are determined based on several factors:

  • Base Rate: Each ride starts with a base rate, which serves as the foundation for calculating the total cost.
  • Distance: The distance to be traveled is a crucial component in determining the fee. Longer rides incur higher charges.
  • Applicable Surcharges: Surcharges account for special circumstances. These surcharges may apply to weekends, holidays, extended wait times, or additional services requested by passengers.
  • Payment Options:  Corporate clients typically follow a net 30 payment structure, which means they settle their invoices within 30 days of service. Private pay clients pay for services using credit cards, providing flexibility in payment methods.

Individual and Recurring Trips:

Tootl’s revenue model is designed to accommodate various trip types. In addition to one-time individual trips, Tootl caters to passengers with recurring transportation needs, such as regular doctor or specialist visits. This recurring business ensures stable and consistent revenue growth over time.

Tootl Business Model

Home-Based: Because Tootl is home-based, our franchise owners save significantly on overhead costs typically associated with renting office space. This allows them to allocate more resources to growing their business rather than spending money on infrastructure.

Low Investment Level: Tootl’s investment to open a single territory franchise is below $100,000 and that includes necessary working capital. The reason is simple: Tootl partners with local NEMT providers who are responsible for their own vehicles, maintenance, insurance and gas. A computer, cell phone and internet access is all you need! Multi-unit territories are also available for the right candidates.

High Gross Profit Margin: Due to low overhead and low costs of goods sold, Tootl owners enjoy high gross profit margins between 40 – 45% depending on the nature of the ride and the owners pricing strategy.

Simple, Efficient Business Model: Tootl’s business model is reasonably simple and straightforward. Relationships in the community are built through local marketing and referral sources, rides and payments are booked, managed and completed through Tootl’s proprietary software platform and our professional drivers make sure our passengers get where they need to go safely and reliably.


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